Signs You Need a New Website in 2021

Signs You Need A New Website In 2021


Signs You Need a New Website in 2021

Are you considering getting a new website for your business? If you’re sitting on the fence about leaving things as they are, or redoing your site, there are some sure signs to look out for that mean your website needs an overhaul. In 2021, more people than ever before are turning online to shop and gather information. If any of the things below sound familiar, you should quickly consider a new website.

Your Website Is Your Digital Storefront

Just like your physical location – if you have one – you don’t want a website that is outdated, busy, and difficult to maneuver. Everyone does research online nowadays about places they will shop, make appointments at, and get information from. This spans across all industries – from retail and car shopping to medical and childcare. A new website is a cornerstone in making you stand out in front of your competitors.

You Need A New Website If….

1) Your website design is not responsive. Responsiveness is a must-have when it comes to your site. Most individuals use their smart phones and tablets to search online. If your website doesn’t work on mobile, people will leave your site and move on to the next. By getting a responsive website, you will immediately open the door for many more clients/customers.

2) You don’t like the look of your site. Do you browse around and see other sites and wish yours looked like them? The good news is, it can! By working with a professional website design team, you are at the steering wheel of what your website will look like.

3) Your SEO and traffic are hurting. There is a lot that goes into SEO, and having an outdated website can affect it. Not only will people leave your site if they don’t find it appealing, but it may also be hard to navigate. Making improvements to make your website 2021-worthy will automatically improve your SEO.

4) There is no clear branding. When a customer lands on any page of your site, it should be immediately recognizable and characteristic of your brand’s image. This means that colors, logos, font, and images should all be in line with the persona your company embodies.

5) You don’t have a website. No website? That is a problem. It is important for every single business to have an online presence, even if it is a small one. It improves your legitimacy and makes customers build trust in your brand. Even if you don’t think you need one – trust us, you do!

A new website can seem like a huge undertaking, but with the right team everything is possible. JLB helps bring to life exactly what you want your website to look like. From branding and color-schemes, to responsive web design and amazing graphics, we have you covered.

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