JLB Embraces The Work From Home Model and Thrives



JLB Embraces The Work From Home Model and Thrives

JLB has found success in transitioning employees to work from home indefinitely. Since the initial COVID-19 lockdown in March of 2020, JLB found that productivity and communication not only remained the same, but thrived, without a brick-and-mortar office. Aside from a designated meeting space in Fort Lauderdale that serves to meet with clients, the firm officially became 100% work from home in August of 2020.

“As a firm that specializes in digital marketing, we found that using all the tools available to us elevated our knowledge and team work to the next level.” Says Jayant Chaudhary, CEO of JLB. “The key is having employees who are dedicated to their work, and as a CEO giving them the trust and space to have work-life balance. I have found that by extending this trust, my employees have been far more eager to meet and exceed their goals.”

JLB serves a number of clients in Florida and nationwide, and utilizes video chat platforms to hold meetings within the team and with the companies they work with. Brigitte Sinoradzki, Marketing and Public Relations Director at JLB, says “Working from home has allowed me to balance my professional life, parenting, and personal life like never before. Many companies are headed to a work from home model, and I think that those that are already implementing it are setting a standard for the rest to follow.”

“There are three keys to successfully running a business where employees work from home.” Says Chaudhary. “They include hiring the right people who have a positive attitude, ability to meet deadlines, hold themselves accountable, and dedication to their work. Also, it is essential for management to trust their employees and not harp on small details as long as time is well-managed and expectations are being met. Finally, it is incredibly important to keep up a team environment via chats, video calls, and regular staff check-ins.”JLB, like everyone, had a challenging 2020 but also experienced growth and various client acquisitions throughout the pandemic, showing that their model works. They expect further growth in 2021 and look forward to another successful year.

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