Business Class Web Hosting and Support

Due to the ever-changing web world, every website needs routine maintenance and security updates to keep it running smoothly. This is why the JLB team focuses on comprehensive business class web support. At JLB, we know how important it is to keep up with site maintenance. We treat every client website as if it is our own by providing thorough support. 

Website Support Services

Business Class Website Support

  • Around the clock support, oversight, and engineering.
  • Free hour of support service each month.
  • Website migrations, updates, patches, and additions.

Ongoing Monitoring & Tracking

  • Advanced monitoring software implementation and oversight.
  • Ongoing website improvements as necessary.

Keeping Your Website Secure

JLB Website Cyber Security features are intense and robust for your business:

Malware and viruses are a threat to any successful website.

At JLB, we have built a robust system of cyber security to deflect any cyber threat that tries to harm our websites. Our security includes:

  •  Dual firewalls, Integrated spam & DDOS filtering apps (Cisco ASA)
  • Security software and patch management
  • Recovery support from hackers or malicious activity
  • SiteLock integrated. Protect, trap and remove scripts and malicious code.
  • Advanced SiteLock security software and SSL encryption available
  • Software license connectivity and maintenance of licensing
  • Update CMS, modules and structural patches as necessary
  • Code management and integrity reviews as needed

At JLB, we will bring you peace of mind with with 24/7 monitoring and security updates to:

  • limit unwanted login attempts
  • prevent login URLs from being indexed
  • hide important database files so hackers can’t find them

Unique Cybersecurity Features

Continuous Scanning

At JLB, we implement SiteLock infinity that scans your site several times an hour to ensure that any issues are caught immediately in real time.

Immediate Malware Removal

Due to the consistent scanning, any malware that is found is removed almost the instant it is detected. This prevents malware from rapidly spreading to other areas of the website.

Identifies and Addresses Vulnerabilities

Our comprehensive website scanning services look for the weakest areas of your site and strengthens them for increased security

No Extra Costs or Hidden Fees

At JLB, our website services are upfront with no surprise fees. All scans and cleanups are included within. Never worry about any additional service fees.   Any and all malware cleans — even those requiring manual intervention — are included in the scanning package.   All sophisticated back-door vulnerability patches are included, too. JLB’s software is the best malware and vulnerability remediation insurance policy you can buy for your website.

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