Why large retailers need a customized automated solution?

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large retailersLeading eCommerce platforms that include Magento, WooCommerce is making it even easier for large retailers to expand their brand presence in any part of the world within minutes.

With such a convenience, many successful brick-and-mortar business owners are seen to be taking an advantage of offering their products in the online world too.

Already being successful offline, large retailers gain a competitive advantage to quickly attract shopaholics who prefer shopping from recognized brands only. Hence, the online world has surely opened doors for many growing retailers to increase their chain of stores.

Why large retailers should focus on multi-channel selling?

Earlier multi-channel selling for brick-and-mortar store owners was limited to online stores, today, marketplaces and leading social media platforms are helping retailers with multiple opportunities to sell, as well as, promote their product offerings.

The major advantage, such platforms are allowing large retailers an opportunity to offer their customers with the same “retail-shop” experience.

This means business owners can have complete control over the look and feel of their online store, adding a life to it. Additionally, retailers can share stories, reviews, blogs, as well as, allow online shoppers make purchases from their own convenience.

But, for those who consider managing back-end for online stores to be same as managing an offline store then you might like to continue reading this blog.

Supply chain process of large retailers

Large retailers are mostly the ones who have to deal with multiple shops or ecommerce platforms.

From managing stock requirements for their chain of stores to connecting with the right distribution services for fulfilling their online customer’s orders, retailers need to ensure they are able to adapt the latest technology that can help them save time and cost, both.

Customized software an ideal solution for large retailers in 2016

Customized software is developed as per specific industry needs!

In the retail sector, customized software allow business owners to request and adopt solutions and tools to best match their inventory, orders, shipping, and other business needs.

Large retailers may still be relying on expensive software to ensure a smooth multi-channel selling business flow. However, many software may not allow retailers a flexibility to support additional features as per their business’ growing needs.

This is where customized software does the game! Let me tell you how? 

– Gain authority

Unlike traditional software where the access of source code remains with the service provider and you aren’t allowed to make changes- customized software will allow retailers gain authority and ownership in demanding for features and workflows to best match the ever-changing needs of a growing business.

– Work with experts

Instead of limiting yourself with advisors who are stuck to standard tools- customized software gives an opportunity to mingle with an army of consultants who are accustomed working across major eCommerce platform and marketplaces.

– Resource optimization

Most of the traditional retail management systems out available in the market will require heavy coding to set-up, as well as, a constant track of its maintenance and upgrade activities.

Unable to cope up with such tasks in-time can stop retailers from performing core business tasks, which in turn, hampers the growth.

Nowadays, Enterprise SaaS solution allows large retailers to eliminate the hassle of delays, as they automatically get an opportunity to work with an in-house team of experts who will take care of upgrades, maintenance, and timely addition to customized features.

Features of a customized software for large retailers

1- Request for the instant changes

With the increase in customer base, large retailers need to prioritize their changes and ensure they can easily adapt them.

For instance: In the case of busy days or holiday season, you decide to dropship your customer’s orders. However, if your software does not allow you to integrate with 3rd party solutions can hamper growth opportunities.

Customized solution ensures retailers can have an opportunity to choose from a pool of solutions that can support seasonal needs as and when your business grows.

2- Expand in the international market  

The major two reasons for large retailers to jump into the international market:

1- To increase sales for the business

2- To enhance brand awareness

Retailers who are already selling their products in the international market will understand how important it is to ensure cost effective and safe delivery.

For instance: Your on-premises software allows you an access to few shipping companies, hence, you are encouraged to deal with the same ones; even if better solutions are available in the market.

With customized software retailers get an opportunity to deal with experts and ensure every product is being shipped using the best solution to match their budgets and international shipping needs, each time.

3- Gain instant solution

Retailers may have to park themselves in confusion situations, just because the software may not be able to tweak or make substantial changes within time.

For instance: You need to ship multiple orders in one go, however, due to a glitch in your software, only a few are processed. In such situations, retailers are forced to ship orders one-by-one, consuming additional time and effort, both.

Customized software run by a 360- degree support team eliminates the hassle of worrying about software issues or even downtime, as they are always on the feet to understand your requirements and offer solution or alternatives, at once.

4- Unlimited space and security

Retailers, who think of expanding their business online, need to ensure that their software can support the growth.

For instance: If you expand your online business in a new country, and offering an excellent product line you receive multiple orders. Now, if you are limited to process only certain numbers of orders in day or month can lose you business, or, you may end up paying extra for every additional order that is left to process.

Customized software comes with unlimited bandwidth, hence, large retailers can easily process every order that comes in and help them grow quickly. Adopting such software, you don’t have to worry about the upgrades, optimal testing, viral scanning, as experts will take care of it.

5- Performance insights in real-time

Large retailers deal with a chain of stores, hence, they need to have a clear visibility of daily business activities to ensure supply is met according to the demand.

For instance: Your retail business is doing well in the local and national market, and you plan to offer your products internationally. This can be good news to you!  However, if you are unable to track product performance in your new market, will result in a waste of time and capital.

Customized software will help you gain access to big data analytics for every stage of your retail business. Offering an ability to generate custom reports, such software can be an ideal choice for you to understand and improve your retail business performance.

Ending note

Large retailers who are looking to stay sane while expanding their business can now relax as customized solutions can ensure the simplest solutions for managing the ever-growing complexities in cost-effective ways.

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Orderhive is a smart inventory control and simple shipping software that even offers “Orderhive Plus-” fully managed process automation software for large retailers and wholesalers.


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