Business Growth In Just 4 Months – Search Engine Optimization Case Study: Adams Locksmiths

When it comes to Internet Marketing, the Holy Grail of all campaign results is to consistently show up on the 1st page of Google organically for your most searched keyword phrases.

Generally, you pay a monthly fee for a firm like JLB to do the SEO work for you, but then every single click and every single call is free of charge. Done correctly, good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work can be one of the best marketing investments you ever make for your business.

adams-locksmiths-south-floridaWe recently sat down with Steve Reisner, the owner/operator of Adams Locksmiths in Margate, FL, and we talked to him about his business and the incredible growth he has experienced since becoming a JLB client.

Search Engine Optimization Case Study

Client: Adams Locksmith

Owner: Steve Reisner


SEO Campaign Start Date: June 2014

Rand: Steve, we’re going to get into some of your background in a second, but let’s start with the juicy stuff. What have your results been like since you started working with JLB?

Steve: I started with JLB in June 2014. I had been doing some internet marketing already, so I wasn’t starting from scratch. However, the improvements in leads and new customers have been pretty dramatic. I get about 30% of my business from referrals or existing customers, which means I need a constant flow of new customers to make my business work. In September, which was just the 4th month of our SEO campaign, I had my best month in my business for as long as I can remember.

Some days I saw 10 customers.  My revenue in September was 4 times my revenue in May, which is the month prior to starting with JLB.

Second, I have access. I feel great that I can call competent people to talk about my campaign, what we are doing, and what’s next.

Rand: Steve, tell us a bit about your business.

Steve: My company, Adams Locksmiths, is an owner-operated mobile locksmith company that has been serving the counties of Broward and South Palm Beach for over 25 years. I have been “locksmithing” since 1978. We offer fast and friendly service for the home, automobile and office, and have earned a great reputation over the years for being the “go-to” locksmiths whenever the need arises. Consistent, dependable, reliable, and trustworthy has been the experience of thousands of satisfied customers earning a year after year A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Rand: How did you get started in your business?

Steve: Growing up I was always curious about how things worked. I would sometimes take apart toys and things and, unfortunately, most times I wasn’t able to put them back together.That gave me bad rap for being destructive as a kid, but that curiosity of engineering has served me well professionally.

After serving in the Army, I was interested in learning a trade that I would enjoy and find challenging and gratifying, but would also allow me to earn a good living and provide for my growing family. Through the GI bill, I enrolled into The NY School of Locksmithing. After taking the complete 1-year courses, I graduated in January 1978 and then I apprenticed for a year in NYC.

Rand: What do you love most about being a locksmith?

Steve: Besides the fact that every job I go to is always a different situation and challenge, it’s very fulfilling to have the skills and expertise to be relied on by families and businesses to provide comfort and a peace of mind that comes with having good security to feel safe and secure in today’s world. Times have sure changed from when I was a kid where people left their doors unlocked, or your “security system” was locking the door and leaving the key under the doormat.

I have a big responsibility and take my job very seriously. Quality customer service and integrity are top priorities. Also being a perfectionist helps…at least it helps my customers.

Rand: Why did you choose to use JLB USA for your Internet Marketing needs?

Steve: Being in and growing your business is not only about doing your job well, it also involves many other skills like marketing and advertising. When I first started my business, advertising in the yellow pages was the most important way to generate new clients and worked very well for my company.

This was until the internet revolution changed everything. Not having the skills or knowledge needed to market my company online by myself, I went looking for the best Internet Marketing company I could hire. I went through six different companies in 10 years, with very disappointing results to say the least.

I was looking through the BBB magazine and saw a positive write up on JLB USA. I called and made an appointment to come to their office to discuss my needs, and was very impressed the minute I walked through the door. Their office is a huge space with many people at different computer desks…all who are very busy. I sat down in a large conference room and met Keith (Director of Business Development), Nick (Director of Client Services), and Marc (Search Engine Optimization Director) to discuss what I have experienced so far in the internet marketing world. I wanted to know how they could get Adams Locksmiths the presence on internet advertising I was looking for.

They saw all the work that was done on my websites by previous companies, and began to make some suggestions of how they would fix it to improve results. Some I understood, some I didn’t, but I liked their enthusiasm and experience with businesses like mine. I felt confident enough after the meeting to hire JLB, and hoped that they were going to be my 7th but final Internet Marketing Company to work with.

Rand: What services did you hire JLB for?

Steve: I had contacted for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Local Directory Marketing and Copyrighting.

Rand: What would you tell other business owners who want to grow their business through online marketing?

Steve: I would tell anyone who has a business to at least call JLB to sit down and discuss their goals and needs. The JLB Team explained to me exactly what they would do to get my company the presence I needed to attract new customers on the search engines and how long it would be to see the results. The transparency made me feel really comfortable.

Overall, my business is up 30% in just 4 ½ months. I’m busy – I’m helping customers and I feel great about what I am doing.

Even though I was hopeful and excited, I was still pretty skeptical. The JLB Team delivered on their promises and got me the results I needed. They are the true professionals in internet marketing. Getting the job done with great guys that have lots of knowledge and know-how, they truly exceeded my expectations.

I would like to tell any small business looking to have their business dominate Internet Marketing for their company to get in touch with JLB USA. Look no further, they are the Real Deal.


More on Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of getting website traffic from the free, organic, natural, or editorial search results from search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. It’s a complex process that involves work on your website, often called “On-Site SEO” and lots of work off your website, called “Off-Site SEO.”

Is SEO important? Generally, yes, even for small businesses like Adam’s Locksmiths.

Is SEO simple? Definitely not.

And the rules change on a regular basis.

In today’s internet world, there is no such thing as a “set it and forget it” SEO strategy. You need fresh content, an evolving strategy, a team who is on top of industry changes, and a bit of patience as you must give time for the Almighty Google to recognize the work you are doing.

Would you like a free SEO audit of your website?

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