Do You Have the Right Social Media Strategy for Your Brand?


Do You Have the Right Social Media Strategy for Your Brand?

Social media once started as a way for people to stalk their ex online. (We all know this is true.) In the years since, social media strategy has become an important part of a business’s online presence. As a consumer, you likely find yourself following your favorite brands across all social media platforms. You may wonder why certain brands have millions of followers, while others only have a couple of hundred.

It’s all about strategy! Social media is not as simple as posting a picture and a few words. It is an essential part of marketing your brand. There is no single social media strategy template you can follow. It is completely individual and needs to be designed to match the needs of your product or service. At JLB, we are well-versed in raising the bar of your social media strategy across all of your accounts.

Social Media Management Design for Your Audience

Your business needs to have a strong presence online. This is especially true in today’s increasingly digital world. It is standard practice for educated consumers to check out a company’s social media page before deciding on whether or not to engage with them. For this reason, it is important for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all social platforms to reflect your branding. When they reflect your brand, they speak to your desired audience.

Social media management requires being strategic and creative. As important as it is for your brand, it also helps to increase leads and sales. It is also the best way to speak directly to your customers online. Customers who feel valued by a brand are more likely to be loyal brand followers. It is also a way to network with other companies you engage with for business, and actively involve all of your followers in conversation.

The Key Aspects of Social Media

So, what drives a good social media strategy? There are many things that go into a successful social media marketing plan, including:

  1. Engaging posts
  2. Addressing your audience directly and personally
  3. Strategic posting
  4. Paid advertising
  5. Communication and responsiveness
  6. Storytelling

Our job at JLB is to get to know your brand so that we can come up with the most effective social media strategy for you. Through managing your pages we will make sure your social platforms stay up to date and engaging. And, we have the expertise needed to create paid advertising campaigns with high ROI. By working with us, you’ll see your social media presence grow across all platforms.

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