10 Questions to Ask When Choosing an eCommerce Platform

  The process of choosing an eCommerce platform that boasts all the features you want can be difficult to come by. A wide choice of solutions, free and paid, hosted and downloadable, simple and feature-rich make the process even more tricky. It goes without saying that the research takes a good deal of time and […]

Shopify VS BigCommerce – What to Pick in 2021


Both Shopify and BigCommerce are powerful SaaS eCommerce platforms that enable you to launch online stores quickly and without requiring advanced web development skills. SaaS or “Software as a Service” platforms have a huge advantage over regular websites: online sellers are not required to maintain their content themselves – the SaaS platform will host their […]

How Even SMB eCommerce Sites Can Leverage Big Data Techniques

Guest blog by Springbot Small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) have to approach their marketing strategies a bit differently than the big guys. Whereas large companies have expansive budgets to allocate to their marketing efforts, every single dollar spent by an SMB must bring a significant ROI. “Big data” is one of those marketing buzzwords that’s […]

How To Interpret Your Behavior and Conversion Data

We recently provided a look at how to learn from your Google Analytics Audience data. As the next installment in this series, we’ll be walking you through Behavior data, helping you to uncover how visitors are interacting with your website itself. This data can lead to lots of E-commerce conversion optimization opportunities for your website. […]

Tips and Tricks for Improving Your “After-The-Sale” Experience

You got your customer to the “Buy Button”, now how will you keep them happy and encourage them to shop with you again? Guest blog by Lauren Macdonald of eBridge Connections. You’re already halfway there! Getting your customer to fill their cart and complete the checkout process is half the battle. If you’re receiving a […]

Product Information Management For Ecommerce

Guest Post from Our Partner, Saleswarp Today’s shoppers have more options and shorter attention spans than ever, so providing a convenient shopping experience is of utmost importance.  A seamless and convenient shopping experience starts with optimizing product listings.  Providing quality product content and optimizing product listings ensures that customers can easily find your products online […]

What websites to use as inspiration for my Prestashop eCommerce site designs?

When planning to build a brick and mortar retail store, you’re likely to use other stores of a similar size and scope to identify things that you like, and things that you don’t. When planning to build an eCommerce website, similarly it’s always a great idea to look for inspiration by spending some time reviewing […]