Part I – General Costs to Building a Magento Website

Many in the digital marketing community recommend Magento as an excellent E-commerce platform, but for a business looking to build a new online storefront, understanding what Magento website development should cost can be a challenge. To help businesses to budget for these expenses more effectively, we’ve outlined some major factors and provided some rough ideas […]

Increasing B2B eCommerce Conversions

What about the B2B world? What are the big differences between consumers and businesses that can directly affect conversions? It’s no secret that B2B eCommerce is exploding. More and more manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers are moving their sales rep driven processes online to deliver a self-service model for their customers. Let’s highlight a hats few […]

Magento SUPEE-9652 Patch and Magento Community Upgrade

The First Magento Patch of 2017 Magento’s first security patch of 2017, SUPEE-9652, has landed. The good news is that so far, while this patch is listed as addressing a high-risk vulnerability, it only impacts one Magento system related to outbound mail. This makes the patch a lot less intrusive than many of its recent […]

How Long Should A Business Website Last?

Most people have an idea of how long a cell phone, PC, car, fashion wardrobe, or a remodeling of their business or home will last. Fashion and technology are always evolving, and you can expect some form of wear and tear to most items over time… but how long should a website last? Mobile Responsive Website […]

JLB Florida’s Favorite Menu Extension for Magento

JLB Florida is Magestore’s featured partner and we highly recommend the Mega Menu to all of our clients. Suppose you are building (or have previously built), ) an e-commerce site with numerous products, You may be having a difficult time e organizing a mess of too many products or categories in your menus. visitors who […]

DDP v DDU and Why You Need to Know before Selling Internationally

eCommerce, Cart Checkout, Shipping, Retailers, Value Added Tax, Duty Fees, DDU shipments For international shipments there are two types of shipping to consider: DDP and DDU. DDP means delivery duties paid and DDU means Delivery Duties Unpaid. In DDP shipments, the seller is responsible for payment of the duties and taxes for delivery to the […]

What to Watch Out for When Migrating eCommerce Platforms

Through the years, your business may migrate between e-commerce software platforms multiple times. As both your organization and e-commerce technologies evolve, moving to a new e-commerce system can be vital to your success. However, there are many considerations that you’ll want to keep in mind when planning a migration, such as: Product Data If you […]

How to capture more sales this holiday season through effective communication

Guest Post from our partner, Proonto. It’s the holiday season and site traffic is through the roof, but how do you turn visitors into customers especially when these shoppers are more likely to be visiting multiple sites looking for similar products than usual. Being ready for browsers who are simultaneously and even aggressively comparing products in […]

New Magento 2 Features and Enhancements

Many merchants are trying to compare Magento 1 vs. Magento 2. While Magento 2 is still in its infancy, and many developers are eagerly awaiting the stabilization of the platform, there are many new features and improvements that merchants will be able to leverage. As of the writing of this article, there are over 1,400 […]

E-commerce Product Management: How to name your SKU’s

Guest Post from our partner, SalesWarp. When creating an online store and deciding how to easily manage product SKUs, there are several factors that can keep product management, fulfillment and replenishment clean and simple. Depending on your product line and number of products, a more complicated method of creating SKUs may help you keep your […]