Subscription Based Business

Client Intro: A Subscription-based business Facebook Ads Case Study. Learn how we managed to bring in more than 1,200 leads for this subscription-based business using the Facebook Ads. The Challenges: The client had spent over £5K with no real data or results We only had 3 months initially to produce real results The client did […]

Email Marketing For Reviews

Client Intro: Email Marketing Case Study for a Services Business in Arizona. Learn how we generated hundreds of 5-star reviews for a services business via email marketing. The Email Marketing Challenges: We had two un-engaged email lists The customer email list had 13K contacts and Leads email list had only 1,500 contacts. People on both the lists had not […]

Beauty Products

Client Intro: A Beauty Products Ecommerce Store Facebook Ads Case Study. A beauty products E-com store in NYC needed Digital Marketing Services to increase Sales. Learn how we turned around things for them. The Challenges: The client had been burned by another agency The previous agency spent $10K on Facebook ads without real results We did not have any landing […]

Email Marketing

Client Intro: A lawyer coach Email Marketing Case Study. A lawyer coach in San Jose, CA needed help with Email Marketing to grow leads, see below how we did it. The Email Marketing Challenges: The email list we had for this client was at least 8 months old The list was unengaged and the client had not sent an […]


Client Intro: A Start-up Marketing Case Study. We helped a startup in Seattle with their Facebook Ads using the Facebook Ads Rapid Fire Testing Method. The Challenges: This client was a startup and had very little to no information about their target audience They didn’t have their ideal customer avatars built and blank on their message and […]


The Challenges: Everything the client had done in the past did not produce any results The data in the ad account couldn’t be used to get quick sales/wins for this client Given their lack of results with the previous marketing spends well into 6 figures had generated less than 2x ROAS, they needed results quickly The Strategy: […]


Client Intro: A Chiropractor Marketing Case Study. Our Chiropractor client in Boston, MA needed Facebook & Email Marketing services to get more clients. See below how we helped them land more clients. The Challenges for Chiropractor Marketing: This chiropractor was looking for customers He didn’t have a pipeline to generate leads to keep patients coming in and […]

Dentist Facebook Ads

Client Intro: A Dentist Facebook Ads Case Study. The client based in the United States needed help with Facebook Ads to generate Leads. The Challenge: Our dentist client did not have the kind of time to focus on his Google rank and SEO. He needed a simple solution for a quick fix as he was in a high-competition zone and […]

Event Promotion

Client Intro: A Crypto Event Dgital marketing Case Study. The Challenge: This client had no prior experience of organizing events and didn’t have enough information for us to use in our marketing campaigns. Facebook & Google had banned Crypto advertising right after onboarding this client making it a challenge to still run the ads and get the results […]

Real Estate

Client Intro: A real-estate agency based in the United States needed help with Facebook Ads and overall marketing. The Challenge: The client had a booming real estate business for 15+ years. They were using traditional marketing methods and had very strong referral systems in place. But in the last 6 months, before joining CANZ Marketing, they had experienced […]