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Finding the best B2C paid search agency is not as easy as it seems. Luckily enough, you’ve come to the right place. We are true experts that know the perfect recipe for successful pay per click packages for all major search engines and social media platforms. Our B2C PPC Agency team is made up of PPC veterans that tailor each PPC campaign according to your specific business objectives, while at the same time taking into account the competitive landscape.  

Our business to business paid search service starts with a thorough keyword research, along with a comprehensive competitor analysis as the foundation of a solid online strategy for your business. Once the competitor analysis and keyword research stages are over, we can move on to implementation – our B2C PPC experts will create engaging ads for your visitors and potential clients.

After the ads are approved, conversion tracking is implemented throughout your website. With the help of conversion tracking, we’ll determine exactly how many sales, leads and visitors your B2C Google Advertising campaign generated, along with other relevant statistics such as weekly and monthly return on your investment.

Once the B2C Paid Search campaign is launched, our Adwords consultants will continuously monitor it, making optimizations based on its past performance – this includes phrase or search term optimization, conversion enhancement, quality score optimization, bid management, website optimization and landing page optimization.

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With over 10 years of experience in pay per click packages management, search engine optimization, web design and development, as well as over 7000 satisfied customers, you can rest assured that you’ll be working with one of the best B2C paid search agencies.  Not only that, but we are also a Google Premier Partner, which ensures excellent quality throughout and a better ROAS. Both of these factors, along with a diverse array of clients in our portfolio ensure that each dollar you spend with JLB goes exactly where it’s needed – getting relevant traffic and ultimately, conversions.

Our B2C Google Ads Agency prides itself in creating, implementing and optimizing pay per click campaigns for a variety of clients in Atlanta, Boca Raton, Tampa and throughout South Florida. Our proven expertise in B2C Google ads makes us the perfect choice for a variety of industries and businesses, since we have custom strategies tailored from individual niches ranging from law firms to e-commerce stores.

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Ecommerce PPC Agency

With the help of our Ecommerce PPC agency, you can benefit from your website’s full traffic potential by increasing your B2C reach through pay per click ads. By targeting relevant keywords, phrases and services, our B2C PPC consultants can help your product listings appear at the very top of search engine results pages – this is the position with the highest visibility and highest click-through rate.

Although many websites have great SEO, they are not placed above ad listings in SERPs or search engine result pages. This alone makes Google Ads a very powerful marketing tool for ecommerce websites. SEO is extremely important for any website but if you’re not using Google Ads and PPC marketing, you’re missing out on a different revenue stream for your ecommerce website.

Reporting is essential for any reputable Ecommerce PPC agency – benchmarking KPIs in order to figure out the best ROAS, overall campaign progress and areas needing improvement is the foundation of every successful pay per click campaign. Our Ecommerce PPC service includes weekly and monthly updates that include all relevant information related to your campaign – total generated traffic, total sales generated through our PPC campaign, the average cost per click, ROAS and other essentials.

Our B2C PPC agency uses the latest advertising technology and tools, coupled with years of experience in the field to generate pay per click campaigns that integrate perfectly with your brand and online presence. We combine all of these elements into one solid campaign that increases your business’ visibility, allowing it to capture as much valuable traffic as possible.

While most PPC campaigns focus on traffic, sometimes it’s a good idea to go for a comprehensive online marketing strategy that covers web design, SEO, branding and your social media presence. This is due to the fact that certain older websites have a much lower conversion rate. Websites that are not user friendly or mobile responsive also fare much worse in terms of ROAS and conversions. In these cases, a ground-up rebranding of your website may be necessary.

Creating a Successful Google Advertising Campaign

JLB USA offers everything you need to create an effective pay-per-click campaign! Our pay-per-click services work best when coupled with search engine optimization, web design, graphics design, social media management and copywriting.


B2C Pay Per Click Packages or SEO?

Most businesses who want to invest in digital marketing or refine their online presence are working within a pre-set budget. Naturally, they want to get the best results possible without having to spend too much, so this leads the question – pay per click pages or SEO? JLB USA offers both services, along with complementary ones such as branding, web design and development, to successfully help you grow your online presence.

Both pay per click advertising and search engine optimization are important for a website since these are two different streams of traffic and potential customers. That’s why, more often than not, SEO and PPC work better together.

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Our paid search agency can help your business reach your intended audience with ease. With pay-per-click management you will get relevant traffic that’s interested in your product, service or business.

B2C PPC Management & Google Advertising

B2C pay per click advertising is vastly different from running a SEO campaign. PPC is focused on getting your content, product or service to the right business and at the right time. Instead of waiting for potential businesses to find you and your services, you go directly to them through Google ads. This is not as easy as it seems and there’s a lot of tinkering that goes behind a successful digital advertising campaign but our B2C pay per click consultants are here to implement and optimize all the nitty-gritty, leaving you with more valuable time to manage and care for your business.

SEO results come gradually over time but with PPC advertising you’ll be getting results almost instantly, making it a great choice for startups or new businesses that are not entirely familiar with how a product or service is going to perform in a real market situation.

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Pay Per Click Advertising in Other Locations

Of course, we offer pay per click Adwords solutions throughout a variety of different locations. These include:

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Web Design & Google Advertising

It’s no secret that intuitive, user friendly websites get more traffic, convert more and lead to increased brand loyalty. If your website is not intuitive, is unreliable and looks plain old, it can hurt your pay per click advertising results. Responsive web design is often implemented alongside SEO and Pay Per click Management to overhaul websites and rebuild them so that they are friendly to both users and search engines alike. Our responsive web design agency can handle any task, from landing page creation to entire website redesigns.

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