Why Video Is Crucial in Social Media Marketing

It wasn’t that long ago that blog after blog was pushed out predicting the trends in marketing for the coming year. Try and find just one that didn’t mention video. Chances are you can’t. It’s predicted that by next year, video will account for 80% of consumer internet traffic. Honestly, video has been big on […]

How to Get Leads & Sales After a Hurricane

While a hurricane is a tragedy that can easily hurt many businesses, it can also provide a unique opportunity for businesses with particular goods and services. For companies that help with water damage, tree removal, roof repairs, and other services that are in high demand after a hurricane sweeps through a region, it’s important to […]

Part II – Professional Services and Long Term Costs for a Successful Magento site

Check out Part 1 of this Blog – General Costs to Building a Magento Website. Most successful Magento website development builds involve bringing in experienced professionals to help build the website itself. Much like general contractors, these are the folks that put up the 2’ x 4’s. While rates will vary based upon the vendor […]

The New Social Commerce

Guest Post from our partner, Nextopia. As a brand or business’s social media presence grows, so does their marketing clout. Unfortunately, Instagram “likes” don’t pay bills. Accordingly, the question arises – how best to transform followers into engaged shoppers and derive value from the platform? That’s where social commerce comes in. To clearly define the term, […]

The Unveiled Secret for the Viral Share

In the past, “going viral” was far less accessible. If a company wanted to spread word about their brand, they had to wait for customers to come to them – advertising on large billboards or on television advertisements. But thanks to social media and the growing age of technology, channels like Facebook and Twitter have […]