10 Questions to Ask When Choosing an eCommerce Platform

  The process of choosing an eCommerce platform that boasts all the features you want can be difficult to come by. A wide choice of solutions, free and paid, hosted and downloadable, simple and feature-rich make the process even more tricky. It goes without saying that the research takes a good deal of time and […]

Increasing B2B eCommerce Conversions

What about the B2B world? What are the big differences between consumers and businesses that can directly affect conversions? It’s no secret that B2B eCommerce is exploding. More and more manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers are moving their sales rep driven processes online to deliver a self-service model for their customers. Let’s highlight a hats few […]

E-commerce Product Management: How to name your SKU’s

Guest Post from our partner, SalesWarp. When creating an online store and deciding how to easily manage product SKUs, there are several factors that can keep product management, fulfillment and replenishment clean and simple. Depending on your product line and number of products, a more complicated method of creating SKUs may help you keep your […]

The Value Of A Repeat Customer

Guest Post from our partner, iD Commerce + Logistics. So you’ve launched your business, you’re up and running, and you’re profitable. You’ve started a killer Adwords campaign, invested in promotions via social media, and are looking for ways to attract new customers. The problem is the customers you attract from those promotions are not nearly as […]