At JLB Florida, we work hard to help our customers grow their businesses with cutting edge websites and internet marketing campaigns. While our primary goal as an organization is to continue to excel and grow as a digital marketing agency, we believe that it’s important to give back to the community, and support endeavors that make our world a better place. We know that we’re better people, and a better company as a result, and are always happy to discuss how our clients and technology partners can get more involved with us.Below are a few of the main charities and organizations that we provide support to:

abi's place

Abi’s Place is a non-profit school that builds skills of children with autism and complex disabilities. They offer numerous therapy services such as physical occupational speech health sensory and behavioral.

LTN New Logo

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) is close to our hearts at JLB Florida as we team up to help our CFO fight her battle with lymphoma. LLS is a non-profit organization dedicated to finding a cure for leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma while helping to improve the lives of patients and families dealing with these conditions. LLS provides resources to free blood cancer information and support for patients and their families. The non-profit has chapters across the U.S. and Canada and advocates for all of those affected by blood cancer and their families to ensure access to quality, cost-effective treatment.

Autism Speaks

Through numerous events, Autism Speaks fundraises to bring awareness, services and research for autism. One of their main events, Walk Now for Autism Speaks, takes place in over 100 cities across North America annually.

Multiple Sclerosis Foundation

The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation provides a comprehensive approach to helping people with MS maintain their health and well-being.

T-Cell Leukemia Lymphoma Foundation

The T-Cell Leukemia Lymphoma Foundation is a non-profit organization that was formed in an effort to fulfill several purposes. The first is to provide education about these rare cancers to patients and family members by means of hosting educational forums and providing online literature. When diagnosed, cancer isn’t the only thing these patients have to battle; simple issues such as travel to and from appointments can be costly, so our second goal is to dispense charitable funds to to assist with treatment-related expenses. Last but not least, extensive research is still needed to learn and understand more about T-cell leukemias and lymphomas. Therefore, allocating charitable funds to support such scientific research is imperative in our mission.

rebuild together

Rebuilding Together Broward County is an association that aids low-income homeowners, such as the elderly or disabled, are living safely, comfortably and independently. Members of this organization participate in carpentry, electrical, plumbing and other hands on activities.

united way

Live United’s mission is to determine what the most significant issues, such as substance abuse and youth success, are to residents of Broward County. After discovering these issues, Live United tries to fix these issues through various services and training.

urban league

The mission of the Urban League of Broward County is to help African-Americans and other minorities accomplish success both socially and economically. This is accomplished through various programs in the fields of careers, education, health and housing.


Atlantic Journey to Wellness is a virtual non profit organization. Their mission is to impact society globally, by raising awareness to the general public of the silent candida epidemic and the dangers of prolonged use of antibiotics, steroids, and birth control, and provide education, recommendations and solutions for healing and recovery through integrative therapy, scientific medical /psychological professional resources, as well as nutrition to help individuals achieve wellness.

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