Web Design Maintenance and Support

True Partnership

“Our website had been hacked and the website was down during one of the busiest times of the year for us.  JLB quickly restored the site, found the hacker code and locked out the hacker.  We thought we were down and out but thank goodness we had JLB’s services in place”

Stop worrying about your website maintenance, security and backups.

JLB’s managed services and support plus private, dedicated and managed infrastructure is superior.  Designed to provide businesses with much needed confidence and partnership.  We provide ongoing infrastructure oversight, support and maintenance of your website to help enable its online presence while ensuring secure, manageable and quality service.

Premiere Business Class Service Bundle (full coverage).

Security is Critical

We implement literally dozens of security features, which help prevent hackers from destroying your website including: limiting login attempts, hiding the login page from bots and hiding the website files and database so hackers can’t find them.  Even in the event your site does get hacked, we can immediately recover the situation and prevent further issues. 24/7 oversight and daily monitoring.

Trusted by 7000 Customers with Seo, Ppc, and Web Design.

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