Retargeting / Remarketing Services

Wouldn’t it be great if you could reach back out to “window shoppers” and get more chances to turn them into sales? With remarketing, now you can. When a website visitor comes to your website, and doesn’t take a desired action –  like filling out a lead form or making an e-commerce purchase – you can have banner ads automatically displayed to them to help drive them back to your website. This can be an extremely cost effective way of increasing your conversion rate of traffic into leads and sales.

Platforms like Google AdWords, AdRoll, and SteelHouse all provide this type of technology. With a team of digital marketing experts like the specialists at JLB Florida, you can get banners designed, remarketing campaigns setup, and even have them tracked and managed over time, testing to see which parameters, such as which ad designs are generating the best results.

If you’re running other search engine marketing campaigns, like Google AdWords, we can leverage additional features to re-display text ads and shopping ads to searchers who were previously shown your ads and visited your site, but didn’t convert into a lead or sale. As Google Partners, and Google Partners All-Stars, we can help you to take advantage of the latest features and settings to help maximize the return on your marketing investment.

To discuss how remarketing can help your business generate more sales from your existing traffic and marketing, call us at 954-530-6125.

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