Mobile Optimization

An ever increasing portion of online traffic is generated from mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets. These smaller devices, which utilize touch screens, require additional considerations and efforts in relation to design and navigation. It’s important for mobile visitors to be able to load your website quickly, be able to use menus and features without a mouse or similar input device, and be able to read your content without having to constantly zoom in and out, or face other major challenges in viewing or interacting with your site.

Mobile optimization helps your conversion rate of traffic into leads and/or sales. It also helps your marketing efforts. For instance, Google considers your website’s mobile-friendliness when determining your search engine rankings.

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Mobile Optimization

It’s also important to know that studies show that many shoppers begin their research on a mobile device, but later take an action, like making an e-commerce purchase, on a more traditional device like a desktop computer. Without being mobile friendly, not only are you losing out on mobile conversions, but you’re hurting your chances of driving a mobile shopper to make a desktop purchase.

In many cases, our team of designers and developers will help by providing a mobile-responsive HTML5 website for you, or by skinning new mobile friendly designs onto your existing website for you. In other cases, we’ll help to launch a separate mobile version of your site, or even to launch mobile apps if your industry and offerings lend themselves to repeat shoppers.

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