Conversion Rate Optimization

Many factors affect conversion rates. In general, loading speeds, branding and design, quality content, calls-to-action, ease of navigation, mobile friendliness, and trust symbols should all be considered when designing or optimizing a site with conversions in mind. In more specific cases, we look to factors like merchant reviews, translations into additional languages,  real-time personalization and special offers, Retargeting and Remarketing, advanced search features, live chat, newsletter signup, social media liking and sharing, and mobile apps .

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Conversion Rate Optimization

Look a step further

In the e-commerce world, we may look a step further to items like a speedy checkout process, quick payment options, product comparison and wishlist features, loyalty and rewards programs, product reviews, abandoned cart emails, competitive prices on both products and shipping, and international payment and shipping systems.

It’s also important to look at your marketing campaigns. While your site can be well prepared to service good prospects, it’s important to make sure that the traffic that you’re generating is in fact highly targeted, and likely to convert for you.

At JLB USA, we can dive in to help assess areas of improvement, and work with you over time to implement rounds of updates and changes, testing and measuring the impact of various website and marketing updates, helping to continually improve your bottom line. For more information, reach out to us by phone at (954) 530-6125, or contact us through our email form.