Multi & Omni Channel Consultation

Modern e-commerce websites are no longer stand-alone sales channels. They are now inter-connected storefronts, woven into larger business operations. At Rand Marketing, we help to identify your multi-channel needs, and in many cases recommend solution providers that have the existing connectors and services to help you thrive in a multi-channel / omni-channel world.

These include connects for on-premise software, such as accounting, point of sale (POS), and ERP platforms. It can include similar data bridges to and from cloud based software platforms as well. In some cases, it can also mean communicating data to other businesses, such as EDI data for drop shipping.

We Get You More Business!

Aside from your need to manage financials, inventory, and pick, pack, & ship operations, many multi / omni channel operations synchronize additional sales channels. These can be other websites owned and run by your organization, such as various wholesale and retail websites, sites using different branding, or languages, or sites focused on different market segments or geographic targets.

It can also commonly include third party websites, such as Amazon, eBay, and other online marketplaces, as well as shopping engines like Google Shopping.
If your business is trying to identify your options for syncing data between various systems, contact the Rand Team for a consultation. You can contact us at (954) 530-6125, or send us a message online.