Online Banner Advertising

Many online websites, such as news sites and blogs, can be leveraged to show banner ads promoting your website and business. These ads are clickable, and can lead to any page in your website. Through advertising platforms like Google AdWords, we can choose when and where to show these banner ads, making this a highly targeted and trackable form of marketing.

With this form of online advertising, we can track the results of each piece of a campaign – identifying when someone takes a favorable action such as filling out a contact form or marking a purchase on your website, or calling a phone number listed in the ad. Over time, we may learn that people in specific regions are more likely to turn into leads or generate a sale. Similarly, we may find that time of day is a factor, or demographics, or simply which websites we’re displaying your banner ads on. Many factors can be tested and measured.

With an award winning team like JLB Florida, we help to set up all of the parameters of your ad campaigns, including helping to design different banners for to test. We can also use advanced features to show specific ads to people that have already visited your website, helping to re-instill your brand, and draw them back to convert them into a lead or sale. This is known as ReMarketing or ReTargeting.

As Google Partners and Google Adwords All Stars, JLB FLorida’s team of experienced professionals are standing by to help with your digital marketing campaign. Call us at 954-530-6125 to learn more.n.

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