Email Marketing Fort Lauderdale

One of the best and most cost-effective ways to keep in touch with your historical prospects and customers is to send them branded emails. Sending emails is much more economical than direct mail through the post office, and more environmentally friendly too. While email marketing might not be the best way to draw in new customers who haven’t heard of you before, it can play an important role in generating customer retention and loyalty.

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Email marketing campaigns vary greatly.

Email blasts can include information about sales and specials, new products and services, interesting and relevant information, and more. With emails, it’s not about how often you email; the content you send is much more important than the frequency.

With a team like JLB Florida, you can get help with creating effective content, designing emails that take advantage of your branding, and get help with actually sending messages, and tracking your success. We can also recommend the best ways to collect email addresses, best times to send your emails, and more.

Over time, we can also help you to take advantage of more advanced features, like drip campaigns, sending different messages to different segments of your lists, and more. For e-commerce websites, we can help set up abandoned cart emails, and much more.

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