E-commerce Consultation Services

E-commerce sales channels are impacted by many factors. Whether it’s planning the deployment of a new online storefront, replatforming, redesigning, or optimizing and/or optimizing an existing storefront, our team of industry veterans can help. We have established protocols to audit existing e-commerce websites, as well as discovery and assessment standards to help to identify your resources, needs, and goals, in order to advise you effectively.

JLB Florida’s team specializes in providing feedback, recommendations, and support services related to design, development, and digital marketing, helping your e-commerce store to thrive, but also offers consultation services for those with existing sites, or with other resources to make direct changes as needed.


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E-commerce Consultation Services

Our consultation services include recommendations for best practices and optimization of your digital store, as well as recommended third parties to meet additional needs, such as for multi-channel connectors, merchant services providers, and hosting vendors.

To speak with a member of our team, call us at (954) 530-6125, or send us a message through our online submission form.