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Wouldn’t it be great if you could build a network of customers and marketers that would recommend your product? With Affiliate Marketing, you can do just that. Affiliates act as referral sources, helping to steer shoppers to your goods and services. The results are then tracked, and some form of compensation is provided to the referral source. This is often a commission, paid out as a percentage of every dollar spent by the consumer who made a purchase. It can also be a flat referral fee, or even reward points good toward your goods and services.

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In some cases, you may want to run your own affiliate program, recruiting your own affiliates directly, or automatically making your customers affiliates – hoping that they’ll become your cheerleaders and help promote your business because of the potential to earn commissions. In other cases, you may look to a more formal affiliate network. Such networks help match up affiliate marketers who are standing by to promote your business to earn commissions. The affiliate network will charge you some fees, but can really help you build up affiliates quickly and successfully.

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Different affiliates may promote your business in different ways. Some will do it through blogs and news articles, others through social media and email blasts, and yet others through mentions on their website, banner advertising, and use of other digital collateral. The net result is by recommending and/or advertising your site, they send you customers that you would not have otherwise reached.

A team like JLB can help you to integrate affiliate technology with your website, and design collateral to share with affiliates. This can include banner ads, email templates, and other marketing pieces that you can provide to affiliates to make it easy and productive for them to promote your website. We can also help to make sure that you’re following other best practices to run a healthy affiliate campaign.

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