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Magento Migrations Made Easy.

Magento 1 is sun-setting. Get a more secure future on Magento 2. After your Magento 2 migration, you’ll have:

  • Reliable and ongoing support
  • Better security with ongoing updates for M2
  • Increased speed & sales
  • Better SEO rankings

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Why Move Your eCommerce Website to Magento 2?

Upgrades from Magento 1 to Magento 2 are mandatory to keep support and compliance, but there are more benefits than simply staying online. Magento 2 Migrations also come with the following benefits:

Magento 1 Will Not Be Supported

Magento released their “End of Life” memo stating 2020 is the end of Magento 1 support. Moving to Magento 2 means next generation technology, ability and power.

Massive Load Speed Reductions

In many case studies, load speeds on websites experienced up to a 50% Decrease  after moving to Magento 2 from Magento 1. Faster checkout = more revenue.

Improved Customer Reporting Features

Drag and drop your reporting dashboard into place to show dozens of data points for your store. Become an analytics wiz in minutes with Magento 2’s new reporting dashboard.

Smarter Checkout Process

Help customers make the right purchases, and MORE purchases, with Magento 2’s enhanced checkout process. Make buying your products easier & faster.

We Migrate Magento 2 Websites. We Also Do Much More!

JLB is a Magento certified expert agency, as well as a Premier Google Partner and digital marketing industry leader. We know how to manage and maintain an eCommerce store to work best for customers, as well as drive new customers to your store.

Let us help! Create New Pages/Blogs And More!

  • Magento Migration
  • Modify Products
  • Magento Version Updates
  • Upload Images/Videos
  • Increase Website Speed
  • Manage Upsells/Cross Sells
  • Security Updates


JLB’s approach to Magento 2 Migrations and eCommerce websites takes into consideration both your business, and your customer’s experience with your brand.

Without extended experience as a Magento developer, we recommend using a dedicated professional who will how to handle your data migration, preserve your SEO, and manage the entire process over it’s lifetime. Attempting to transfer your Magento 1 to Magento 2 could result in corrupted data, missing products, SEO damage and more.

The pricing for Magento 2 has a different license fee of Magento 1. With that being said, not moving to Magento 2 could put your store in danger, so the cost of migration is less than the cost of losing out on important sales or irritating your customers.

As you’ll need to move off of Magento 1, if you don’t want to upgrade to Magento 2, there are other options. We provide eCommerce solutions on both WooCommerce and BigCommerce. We are able to provide limited support for shopify stores, but since they are limited in their ability and not fully owned by business owners that work on shopify, we don’t recommend it.

JLB’s signature Magento 2 migration takes SEO into account before, during and after migration to make sure all benefits are intact, and anything we can improve gets improved. We also incorporate new rich data snippets previously unavailable as well as increased site speed. All of these combined factors will make your Magento two migration easy and productive!

Migrations involve migrating data, testing and making sure everything is ready for launch on Magento 2. We also do live training when the site is ready to launch so you know how to handle it.