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When website visitors come to your site looking for a product or service, they will often head directly to the search box in the header of your homepage. This site search feature acts like a salesperson would, letting shoppers know what you can offer to meet their needs. If this system work well, consumers can find what they need, and proceed to next steps. If it doesn’t, it’s like having a salesperson direct shoppers to the wrong aisles, tell them that you don’t carry goods, or recommend products that don’t match their goals. Bad results can lead to lost sales and revenue, and can potentially impact the loyalty of shoppers, as they can get frustrated by a poor search experience.

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Keep in mind that according to InstantSearch+ statistics:

  • Shoppers using search are on average 4X more likely to buy
  • Great Search can boost conversion by 30-150%
  • Product Recommendations increases sales up to 30%

For those interested in seeing how their site search stacks up, our friends at InstantSearch+ are offering a free site search audit, to look at some high-level issues that your site may be facing. Examples of items that they will look at include:

  • Speed and appearance of autocomplete function
  • Search performance and speed
  • Layout and functionality of the search results page
  • Product recommendations

To take advantage of this opportunity, please fill out the contact form on this page, and their team will reach out to provide you with your audit results.

As part of providing these results, InstantSearch+ will also be able to share more information about their systems, including:

  • eCommerce Site Search – Engage users with lightning-fast rich autocomplete. Our fast, hosted search results page will not keep your shoppers waiting to see what they want to buy. Refine results with auto-generated filters.
  • Merchandising – Get instant control per product or search query over how your products are placed and presented to shoppers. Whether a new arrival, seasonal promotion, new collection, or different geo locations – you are in control of what shoppers see.
  • Smart Category Navigation – Use the power of search to dynamically present the most relevant products and filters to your store visitors when they are browsing through categories.
  • Product Recommendations – Personalized product recommendations are proven to increase conversions, cart totals, and return shoppers. With a single click you can integrate product recommendation widget to your product, cart, and home pages.

To take advantage of this opportunity for a complimentary audit of your website’s search box and related features, simply fill out the contact form on this page, and we’ll have a member of the InstantSearch+ team reach out with your results and recommendations.

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