Who We Are

Web Design, Marketing Services, and Support

JLB’s (Joy, Life, Business) brand embodies the heart and soul of American business success and how that success breathes life and joy into the customers, employees, and families involved.  Our brand and client value has evolved and grown into a phenomenal success.

JLB is a Web and Marketing Agency for Businesses focuses on providing customers with beautiful brand and web designs, innovative website development, powerful marketing, and business class support in one central place without multiple vendors or confusion. JLB was proudly voted best web design and development, made the Inc. 5000 list, is a Google Premier Partner, is Veteran owned and offers the best Fort Lauderdale SEO services available.

JLB’s President: “We realized early on that businesses are truly left to figure everything out on their own and either need to have a lot of time, technical skills or money to position their business correctly in today’s Internet market. Small and mid-sized businesses just don’t have this kind of time or resources. If you really think about it, web design, development, domain names, email, SEO, SEM, Social Media, Internet Marketing, web support, hosting, security and so on are all different skills offered by different companies but they all really should work in sync to benefit the business and that is what JLB offers”.

We Get You More Business!

Core value to businesses

Our core value is that all key elements of a business’s website and online marketing operations can be fully or partially managed by JLB to include business class website maintenance and support that matters.

JLB has invested in software that centralizes all the reporting of a customer’s website rankings, social media traffic, SEO, analytics, local directories, and content distribution to help with the efficiency and real-time accuracy of market effectiveness of all Internet marketing strategies. JLB has also leveraged its investments to establish a business class infrastructure for its clients where their online solutions sit behind private firewalls, on private dedicated servers, with website security locks, platform backups, and service level expectations that cannot be established with cheaply shared platforms unless you spend a lot of money.

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What is different and unique about JLB

There are a few key items that make JLB unique and bring added value to your business:

  1. All web, online marketing, and support services are centralized.
  2. JLB created its own website software theme (WordPress, Magento and more) perfected over years for security, maintenance, customization, and customer scalability.
  3. All staff, hardware, software, and services are in-house (made and provided in the USA).
  4. JLB clients are maintained on private dedicated secured servers.  There is no public shared hosting or typical problems.
  5. All marketing clients receive a clean executive level report of all analytics, digital marketing, social media, and other important elements.
  6. JLB created an exclusive monthly report of all the critical activities that occurred on our customer’s website each month.  From Cybersecurity issues to web maintenance and updates.  Full transparency and comfort that your business is being well taken care of.

Business class focused


  • Creative graphic design and branding staff
  • Developers of PHP, HTML, CSS, Java and more
  • Marketing staff – advertising staff and digital marketing staff
  • Webmasters – moves, ads, changes or fix problems
  • Technical engineers and support staff – infrastructure and parts.

Some of the technologies used to bring together your solution will include these JLB partner technologies (a complete business solution):


Our Community

JLB understands the significance of giving back. Many of us live in the Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale and Miami area and it’s important to our staff to support local nonprofit organizations with their design, web, communications and financial needs. We understand that many organizations can’t afford to pay typical corporate prices, but we recognize how important it is for these groups to “get the word out.”

Part of our company ethos is to support this community with the talents we have been given. We are thankful that we can lend our skills and knowledge to aid the work of those groups who seek to improve the lives of those around us. For these reasons, JLB has made it a priority to help several nonprofit organizations every year.

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Client Testimonial

“There were a number of website design companies that would have done an adequate job for our company. The difference was that JLB wanted to be our partner. JLB listened to our needs, then served our concerns and desires through the entire process. Even after the completion of the project they have continued to support, guide, and enhance our company with cutting edge technology. STAR has been blessed to have them as a teammate.” 

– Regg Swanson, President and Founding Partner, STAR Physical Therapy