Website Upgrades

Is your content mangement system or e-commerce platform out of date? Do you have plugins, modules, addons, or extensions that are due to be updated? Interested in learning about your options for upgrading your existing site or starting fresh with a clean install of a website platform? We’re here to help.

Web Development & Upgrades

The JLB Florida team uses modern techniques, creates a development copy of your website, and connects to your live site with Git, a version control software. This process allows us to test upgrades in a sandbox where your customers won’t be impacted and then after testing push the updates to your live website. With Git, if anything should go wrong, we have the ability to roll-back changes, further limiting the risks of downtime.

We Get You More Business!

Contact Us For More Info

If you’d like to learn more about your options and costs for bringing your website up to date, contact the JLB Florida team at (954) 530-6125, or fill out our contact form, and someone will get in touch with you.